UNIT cannot be held responsible for any injury, death, personal harm, damage, alarm, seizure, catalepsy, cataclysm, armageddon, apocalypse, sepulchasm, maiming, disappearance, reappearance, alteration, reprogramming, vision loss, temporal impairment or glitterclysm caused by the use of this site.

If you feel you have suffered harm, damage, limitation, or enhancement beyond these boundaries, please report to a local UNIT office and fill in either a Code Red Form A1010103 or Code Green Form B106798. The local area officer will be able to provide discretionary advice.

If you feel you have encountered temporal incursion beyond previously stated boundaries, apply for access to Special Form Blue Delta-12.

Other forms are available. Other forms are not valid unless counter-signed by two field officers on station standby.

Failure to completely complete either Code Red Form A1010103 or Code Green Form B106798 can affect your statutory rights. This does not apply to Special Form Blue Delta-12 if the box marked "No Complications" is checked. Checking this box assumes acceptance of the Special Powers Act (UNIT) paragraph 3-12. A D-Notice may be issued subsqeuent or prequent to the checking of this box.

UNIT field stations are fully staffed 24 hours a day and officers and cars respond to all calls. Station standby staff are fully qualified in space medicine.

This is a fictional website created for the new series of Doctor Who. It has nothing to do with the real United Nations. We apologise for any inconvenience caused if you thought this was a real website dedicated to fighting off alien invasions. Aliens do not exist. We certainly don't work for them. If you would like to learn more about Doctor Who please click here.
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