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PRESS STATEMENT: UNIT’s Position on the Skaniska Incident

Embargoed till 08:00 31/01/05

It is our sad duty to announce the fatal loss of 13 soldiers while on operational manoeuvres in the Russian Steppes.

The names of the officers lost on operational duties are being withheld until family members have been located and informed.

The 13 were part of a 50 person team dispatched to examine reports of an extreme chemical pollution in the area. They had been in place for over five days, and had been equipped with standard DL/3 class X-hazard chemical survival suits.

Captain Martin Berry, leader of the group, says: “It is always a tragedy to lose good people in the field. Every precaution was taken to protect those men, but they died heroically protecting the local population. It’s always a tough decision sending men into an active situation, knowing they probably won’t come back again. This was no different. I stand by that decision and I stand by those brave men.”

FILED: Corp M Osborne.