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UNIT Publications

Operational guidance – latest publications

UVA-12/3 – Basic First Contact Procedures and Combatant Handling

UTE-3 – "If it doesn't breathe, how do I kill it?" – Common Field Questions Compendium A

UUE-3 – Unconventional Wounds and their Treatment

UTE-12 – "Hey Sarge, it's Tuesday again!" – Dealing with Common Displacement.

UTE-13b – "Corporal Cooper, is that really you?" – Recognising impersonation in the field*

UWP23 - Preventative maintenance and basic repair for UNIT-only ordnance

UUA-20 – Extra-Global Craft Handling (rev'd)

UVM67 - Maintenance Specifications for Non-Tactical Non-Wheeled Vehicle D890

UTP16 – Tax advice for UNIT personnel posted overseas

UAC-45 – Interim guidance on the ETE Extra-solar Contaminant Detection kit ver. 2.03.

UTE-15 – "It's in here with us!" Surviving confined situations

ULI33 – Introduction to Combat Logistics while using FtL Craft

UTE-17 – "Count the appendages once they're in a heap" – Proper Clean-up after operations

UTE-17 – "If you can't point it, don't fire it" Dealing with unconventional weapons

UCE87 – Packet Operation with Communications Transible Issue No.CT04

UTE-18 – "But what has happened to Luton?" Coping with common press enquiries

(Please note UTE-13b replaces UTE-13: "Corporal Cooper's Behaving Strangely")

Historical and Reminiscent

Don't Blame the Sergeant, Blame Your Boots! by R.H. Kelly

Space for Soldiering by Anthony Duarte.

Mysterious Men and their Marvellous Machines by A. Hart-Martin (includes interesting section on the 1974 "Flying Car")

Forces Other Than NATO: A history of Special Operations Units 1945-1989 by Peter Perou (This includes an extensive analysis of UNIT's involvement in the 1978 Transylvanian crisis)

Rubber-Soled Shoes and Silver-Tipped Bullets – A Life in Supplies by Sgt A.O.Osgood