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Sgt Catherine Petts: Rose Tyler Update

Here’s what we currently know about Rose Tyler, travelling with The Doctor. More a few points of interest than a detailed report:
  • Date of birth, 1986. Current age 19 (+/- 1)
  • Comes from a council estate in Kennington, South London.
  • Mother Jackie Tyler (unemployed) and Peter Tyler (deceased)
  • Now, the Dad’s death is interesting. It would appear to be A Temporal Event. I’ve had a look through, and it even appears fleetingly on our files (1987/11-Be3a). Basically, a cluster of reported anomalies, sightings of flying beasts, missing people – the usual. So, we have to ask – is this what makes The Doctor interested in her?
  • Boyfriend, Mickey Smith. Oh, you’ll like him. He runs his own little website – www.whoisdoctorwho.co.uk – worth having a look at. Seriously.

From Sgt A Frederick

Re: The Boyfriend: My Jaw Is On The Floor.

How does he know all this stuff? He’s been very well briefed. Who by?

From Sgt J Frinkstein

I’m changing the passwords to this site, pronto. I don’t understand it. We’re using top flight security systems. You’d need to be a genius to crack them. Or terribly indiscreet.

From Major Jenny Maguire

We could... well, we could just leave the passwords be, and swap in a load of misinformation.

From Sgt A Frederick

You really think I’ve got time to knock up a load of fake conspiracy theories and fudged reports about aliens? I’ve got a full-time job as well!