Press Releases


From Major Jenny Maguire:

Saddened to officially announce the deaths of Major Frost and her entire Geneva EVA team.

Just spoken to the UK-based families. Geneva’s taking care of the rest. A really sad day, and a loss of real expertise from the taskforce. There’ll be a proper statement and tribute soon.

From Capt A Frederick

They really knew what they were doing, didn’t they?

From Major Jenny Maguire

Number 10 in ruins, most of the cabinet dead or missing, the UK’s defence systems completely compromised, UNIT’s computer security ripped open, the world’s nuclear deterrent offline, the assassination of Europe’s top-ranking counter-alien squads. Oh, and the acting PM’s some woman I’ve never heard of with my mother’s hair-do.

I don’t know where to start.

From Capt A Frederick

They’d like you at No10. Correction – force of habit. They’d like you at the acting office in Westminster. Apparently, the acting PM wants to brief you on what happened to Major Frost’s team, and the involvement of The Doctor. AFAIK, she’s terribly impressed to hear that you’ve met him.

From Major Jenny Maguire


She’s obviously only just met him. They all go through that starry-eyed phase.

Tell her I’ll head over there once I’ve finished seeing the coffins off at the air strip.